Managed IT Services

Exalt your business’s potential with custom business technology services.

Every business relies on technology to thrive, but gaining success can be challenging unless you prepare for the countless risks businesses face each day. Fortunately, Relevant IT offers comprehensive managed IT services in Metro Atlanta that’ll give your enterprise the protection and security it needs to thrive.

At Relevant IT Services, we take the burden off your shoulders by managing your IT needs comprehensively. With our expertise, you can confidently entrust us with the responsibility of safeguarding your systems and networks, minimizing the risk of data loss, and mitigating human errors. This way, you can channel your energies towards business development, knowing that your technical requirements are in capable hands.

Benefits of a Managed Service Provider

If you and your employees spend precious time monitoring your system, updating software, installing hardware, and performing other critical yet mundane duties, there’ll be little time left to grow the business.

Unfortunately, many small and medium-sized enterprises in the Atlanta Metro area can’t afford to have an internal IT team. Fulfilling the role of a network operations center while running a business can be tough. That’s where Relevant IT’s managed IT services come in.

As a managed services provider, we possess the skills, services, tools, and solutions to provide superior technical assistance, remote monitoring of managed computer systems, and security management that will help your business succeed. We offer affordable managed IT services to eliminate the need for an in-house IT department.

Our team of managed IT service specialists will oversee all aspects of your business’s IT needs, including safeguarding against social engineering threats and ensuring the regular, reliable backup of operating systems.

An Overview of Our Managed Services

Network Security and System Monitoring

The basis of all successful businesses is great network infrastructure. At Relevant IT Services, we offer network design solutions with our managed services to customize your infrastructure. With the proper infrastructure functioning at its optimal capacity, you can be confident in our service quality and know your systems are effective and secure.

Some business sectors have strict regulations for network security and data storage. Compliance can be difficult to maintain due to the number of computers, servers, and mobile devices a company uses for daily operations. Fortunately, we can streamline your business’s entire IT infrastructure and use remote application hosting services to trigger alerts to potential problems.

By choosing one of the leading channel partners for businesses across Atlanta to provide complete IT services, including infrastructure monitoring, you can be sure your company will remain compliant.

Cybersecurity Services

As part of our managed security services, we monitor systems proactively to stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape. We not only have the proper IT security measures in place to minimize system vulnerabilities, but we also fix potential threats before they affect your business:

As a managed IT security provider, we’ll:

  • Assist with employee security training
  • Routinely update software
  • Update firewalls
  • Patch vulnerabilities
  • Employ techniques like two-factor authentication
Cloud Services

If you prefer cloud computing or a hybrid setup with cloud and physical networks, our managed IT services can help with cloud configuration and management. The wrong configurations can reduce your user experience, create security gaps, and make it hard to scale your services as business grows. Our managed IT services team can monitor and manage your cloud or hybrid infrastructure, platform services, data, and applications.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Services

Whether your business takes a hit due to a natural disaster, an employee mistake, or a cyberattack, data backups are critical for resuming operations as quickly as possible. As a reputable managed IT service provider, we offer recovery and backup services to ensure your business can survive a potentially devastating event. Our backups and recovery efforts cover:

  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Fires
  • Hardware and software failures
  • Cyberattacks
Hourly Support

Technical problems can occur at any time and bring daily operations to a standstill. Something as simple as a password lockout can be troubling, but our managed IT service will cover you with our hourly tech support.

Our versatile technical team can effortlessly manage a spectrum of tasks, from routine password resets to advanced threat detection and mitigation. At Relevant IT Services, our dedicated IT specialists are equipped to handle the full spectrum of IT challenges, regardless of complexity.

Let Our Managed IT Company Provide Your Business with the Technical Support it Deserves

At Relevant IT Services, we pride ourselves on being the top-managed service provider for the Atlanta Metro area. With years of experience providing managed IT services, we know how to give your business the security and IT support it needs to grow, be competitive in its market, and stay ahead of the many risks that threaten businesses.

We offer a proven track record of success and a team of management services experts with the dedication and commitment to help you create the best IT strategy that aligns with your business needs without requiring an internal IT department. We can deliver the results you want. Call us at Relevant IT Services at (470) 547-7052 today to request your consultation for managed IT services that will accommodate your business and budget.

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